Jaguza App, The future of Livestock Farming


Mr. Ronald Katamba talking to an elderly cattle farmer at Katungu country farm

Nabbingo, a suburb in Wakiso district received a surprise visit from one of the country’s most recognized IT App developers last week. A team from the AFROSOFT technology limited paid a visit to Mr. Bashasha’s farm. An entourage of innovators, engineers, bloggers, and journalists led by Ronald Katamba. (IT developer from Jaguza Tech Ltd)


The visit was meant to take the residents through a training session of the recently developed Jaguza App. An innovation so rich but yet not exposed to the up country dwellers. Jaguza App is a system developed by AFROSOFT, with its main objectives as, disease detection, and GPS tracking of animals’ where-about.

The peasants in Nabbingo, were gathered early on Thursday morning and taken through the how Jaguza App would revolutionise farming and increase return on their hard earned investment. The first 2-hour session involved a speech from Chris, the marketing Manager at Jaguza, followed by remarks from CEO, Ronald Katamba.

As the day progressed, anxiety kicked-in as the residents picked interest in the working of this innovation. A training session kick-started at Mr. Bashasha’s farm, in his immediate backyard. The interaction then shifted from his compound to the farm, where the Jaguza team got chance to bring their far-fetched explanations to reality.

How to use the Jaguza App

The peasants were then taken through systematic use of the Jaguza Tech accessories that included; ear tags, drones, animal database management computer tool, and RDF repeater. The tag was attached to one cow, left to move a significant distance, and information of how far it had moved and its exact location were relayed on a computer screen running the Jaguza App.


The farmers were impressed at the turn out of events as the exact demonstrations early in the day were brought to reality. The last session of the day was carried out at the Mr. Bashasha’s compound, an evaluation session, involving feedback collection from the peasants.

Feedback from residents

They (peasants) acknowledged the importance this App would bring to their obsolete farming experience, notably, the ability to locate lost animals, since most residents had always complained of animal theft in the community. Jaguza App introduction would indeed solve one of their biggest challenges in the animal rearing business.


Afanda Bashasha the owner of Katungu country farm appreciating the Jaguza team

Closing remarks were then given by the town’s political representatives, the Mayor, and Local Council chairperson inclusive, promising to organize another session for the rest of the community dwellers who missed out. Interested persons submitted their contacts for further inquiries, and directions on how to purchase and begin use of the system.


Patience Pays Indeed!


BE PATIENT! #Entrepreneurship

A wise man once said that the future only belongs to those who have the ability to foresee it and sacrifice the pleasures of the present in order to gain it.
As I read through a financial report that Apple (Company) has entered the trillion dollars realm, I was curious to know more about the company. In my search, I stumbled into a pathetic story concerning one of the co-founders of Apple by name, Ronald Wayne. This man co-founded Apple Computers (now Apple Inc.) with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He drew the first Apple logo, drafted the first original agreement between the founders and wrote the first manual for their first computer. He held a 10% share in the company but soon decided to relinquish it for $800 and was given additional $1500 to forfeit all right of ownership two weeks after the company was officially registered in 1976.

His reason for that decision was that the company was financially demanding. Today, if Ronald Wayne had kept his 10% share, he would have been worth over a 100 billion dollars. That would have made him the richest or second richest man on earth. But the total value of what Ronald Wayne collected in 1976 stands at $ 9,498 in 2017. Today Ronald Wayne is worth $ 300,000 less than the million dollar mark, yet the agreement he drafted was sold for over a million dollars after he left. The first Apple product he ever owned was iPad 2 given to him in 2011. 

Ronald Wayne said it was demanding on him financially. If only he saw today, his decision of 1976 would have been so different.
Everything of lasting value is highly demanding. Greatness is not a product of convenience. The greatness of tomorrow begins with the sacrifice of today.
If you need to live in a one room apartment today to own an estate tomorrow do!
If you need to ride a tricycle today in order to distribute a Rolls Royce tomorrow Pls do!
If you need to patronise fairly used clothes today to own a boutique tomorrow Pls do!
The pain of knowing you had the opportunity at a point in life to change the course of your life is the greatest pain of regret to live with. 

Today Ronald Wayne in his right will be said to be financially OK at $300,000 but hearing the news that the company he cofounded is the first company to hit the trillion dollars mark will send many thoughts to his mind. And the children? Had our father……. Only God can describe what will be going on in their minds.
My counsel:
Where you see a future don’t fail to invest
Where you see a future don’t fail to sacrifice
Where you see a future don’t fail to endure.
Where you see a future don’t fail to persist
Where you see a future don’t fail to believe.

The future truly belongs to those who can foresee it and give all it takes to get there. If you don’t remember anything I have said so far, don’t ever forget that ” Greatness in life is not a product of convenience.” It takes sacrifice.

Here are 10 Tips to Avoid Insomnia and Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 1.04.47 PM

Temporary insomnia is inadequate or poor-quality sleep lasting anywhere from one night to a few weeks. Temporary insomnia can be a single episode or recurring episodes of insomnia separated by periods of normal sleep. There are no formal criteria for diagnosing insomnia, and what constitutes sufficient sleep for one person may be inadequate for another. Temporary insomnia may involve difficult falling asleep, difficulty maintaining sleep (waking up frequently), awakening too early, experiencing unrestful sleep, or a combination of the above.

The following suggestions are intended to help overcome temporary insomnia and maximize the chance of getting a healthy night’s sleep:

  1. Make your bedroom an inviting place. Keep the room free of clutter and distractions. Be sure you have the right bed and mattress for your needs. The wrong mattress can lead to musculoskeletal problems and sleep disturbances.
  2. Use the bed only for sleeping and sex. Avoid use of the bed for watching NTV or Bukedde, eating, working, or any other activities. If you do wish to use the bed for a bit of nighttime reading, read only pleasure books in bed.
  3. Therapists often use “reconditioning” as part of a treatment plan for insomnia. With this method, people are “reconditioned” to associate the bed with sleep. If you find yourself unable to sleep at all, get out of bed and move to another room, so that you only associate the bed with sleep and not with wakefulness.
  4. Establish a regular sleep-wake cycle. Your body will learn to set its internal clock to your schedule and will eventually respond to internal cues to become sleepy at a given time and to awaken at a given time. A good way to begin this is by getting up at the same time every morning, even on weekends.
  5. Don’t nap. No matter how tempting it may be, an afternoon nap can make falling asleep at night even harder. “Extra” sleep on weekends can also throw off your regular sleep schedule and worsen midweek insomnia.
  6. Limit your consumption of caffeine in the afternoon and evening. Remember that eating chocolates and drinking cocoa and colas also are sources of caffeine.
  7. Watch your alcohol intake. Don’t drink any alcoholic beverages in the few hours prior to going to bed. Excessive amounts of alcohol at any time in the day can also disrupt sleep patterns and lead to unsatisfying sleep. Cigarette smoking can also worsen insomnia.
  8. Fit in some exercise during the day, but don’t exercise strenuously right before bedtime.
  9. Eat light meals in the evening. Eating heavily in the evening or eating just prior to going to bed can disrupt your sleep.
  10. Establish a “winding down” ritual in the evenings just prior to bedtime. Try to free your mind of distracting or troublesome thoughts and engage in a relaxing, enjoyable activity like reading, listening to music, or watching a pleasant film.

Reference: Medicinet

Buffoonery in #Arua is inapropos

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 11.30.06 AM

The alleged presidential car that was smashed by Bobi Wine supporters.

Yesterday evening (Monday 13th Aug) divulged yet another bitter anecdote that will go down the history of narcissistic politics in Uganda. Allegations from the Presidential PR claim the procession of supporters that was led by Wadri and Kyagulanyi Robert (Bobi Wine) swung to the rioting and attacked the presidential convoy and smashed one of the “bullet proof” cars’ back windshield. This sparked off  hysteria and in attempt to contend, the SFC opened a fire fight and in the due course, a couple of people were shot including Bobi Wine’s driver who lost his life in the dubious fight. 

But claims for attacking the presidential car have been dissected very adequately by Ugandans. Questions lingering about the allegations include:

  1. What sort of stones were used to cause this damage on a bullet proof car?
  2. Any attack on the President’s motorcade is considered an assassination attempt, why did SFC allow damage to that extent ?
  3. How come other parts of the car were not stoned?  

To me, the actions of SFC are imbecilic. Mr. Don Wanyama, the presidential sweet sayer’s statements are equally despicable. To say the least in summation, they are obtuse. Everyone is aware that this whole hullabaloo was to execute Bobi Wine and some of the vigilant supporters as the story of a smashed car has been considered a perjury.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 11.29.46 AM

The body of Kawuma Yasin, Bobi Wine’s driver lies dead in the car with blood on the right side of the chest.

What do these shenanigans think Ugandans are? The presidential convoy can not be attacked. That guerrilla latterly turned into leopard is very panicky. We have had an incident in Mabira and another along Entebbe road. We know what SFC does when a presidential convoy is attacked. Not with stone wielding men, but simply intercepted by innocent Ugandans with no intention to do harm. You shoot them dead, and splutter their brains on the road. They are collected like spilled soya.

You now want us to believe that the convoy was attacked with stones and the impenetrable bullet proof window of the president’s car was brought down. The lights were spared. No other parts were dented? What a stone thrower that was! Propaganda should not derail your sense if reason. Concoct another gimmick to justify the arrest of Bobi Wine. But on this one, leave us some energy for crossing the road. The truism of a dictatorial government has been a long sung verse and maybe it is high time the government changed the song already.

People’s power is not a new affidavit to the ears of Ugandans. This word originated time immemorial from the times of our forefathers who drafted the Ugandan Constitution;

1.      Sovereignty of the people.

(1)       All power belongs to the people who shall exercise their sovereignty in accordance with this Constitution.

(2)       Without limiting the effect of clause (1) of this article, all authority in the State emanates from the people of Uganda; and the people shall be governed through their will and consent.

(3)       All power and authority of Government and its organs derive from this Constitution, which in turn derives its authority from the people who consent to be governed in accordance with this Constitution.

(4)       The people shall express their will and consent on who shall govern them and how they should be governed, through regular, free and fair elections of their representatives or through referenda.





About Kampala Rolex Festival

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 1.24.52 PM

For too long, citizens have been content to follow where government and multinational corporations lead. The profit motive has become immune to attack. It is understood that as long as something is profitable for shareholders, nothing else matters enough. One of the representatives of a multinational company openly told me that the company is not here to do charity work for locals. This took me to the fact that MNC’s are an offshoot of western colonialism, albeit in a more subtle manner. Far from improving the balance of payments on both the current and capital accounts, critics argue that MNC’s worsen it.

That aside, on the real protoplasm, i have seen projects come, grow, prosper but others vanish before seeing day light. Peculiarly, i saw one project being drafted in blue ink on paper some years ago, the Kampala Rolex Festival. A fresh graduate with a few of her Basoga friends thought of selling their local food to the world, this would also boost the tourism sector along the lines. She had no much to invest but the brain and the social capital. Brains aside, the people who hopped onto the wagon were loyal because they were hitchhiked on the wheels of hope and faith expecting to grow together. In short, the pioneers of the project invested whatever they had in their reach.

My reminiscence about the day the first Kampala Rolex Festival ever happened, the organizers owned nothing but breath. The artists that were supposed to perform literally refused to come through because there was no money for them. For those that showed up were rather upcoming or desperately low key. I witnessed things in an upside down format, of course i was on my phone tweeting about how the event is a “not to miss party” just like any other lying influencer. Whilst, my online audience definitely knew it was lit and got FOMO. People actually came through!

There is just one person that whiffed my doubts off artists. This particular guy held the picture of the festival from the day it was written on paper till it happened in real sense. Maro (Magada Ronald) is a young gifted vocalist from Jinja,Uganda. This guy invested in his efforts to see the Kampala Rolex Festival grow because literally. Just to remind you, the rolex idea originated from a chapati seller’s creativity in the Busoga region “the basoga” then the idea spread to Wandegeya next to Makerere University in Uganda, fulled by students who needed a quick meal because of time and budget limitations.

Maro has been nurturing and supporting this project like it was his own because the project developer is his fellow Musoga, probably neighbours. He marketed the festival to his loyal fan base, helped reaching out to prominent sponsors to see the festival a success.

And boom, out of his tireless efforts, the second season of the Kampala Rolex Festival saw light at the end of the tunnel when Coca cola accepted to sponsor the event. Coca Cola’s sponsorship was a great deal, but how much good would it do vis-a-vis the harm? We are watching closely! Ultimately, Coke injected in the cash as usual and honestly i would say, the event took a giant stride ahead. I had the chance to stare on while this happened because i was abreast.

The second season was a good show and the organizers ripped their harvest without fear or favour but seemingly, part of the organising team got it twisted on their way home. The project owner started being a skilful while playing cat and mouse on her own fellows. Rumour from an in house source reached me that the sponsor (Coke) had harsh terms and conditions for sponsoring the event.

I won’t blame the eagle for snatching the chicks, but rather, i will blame the mother hen for taking the chicks far into the bush. I think locals should be vigilant on some terms and conditions that these multinationals bring in. MNCs’ can easily undermine economic and social rights of citizens in many occasions. The Multinational Corporation is an adaptable and established entity that profits from the principles of neo-liberal economics, as well as the predicament of the “home and host” state, the combination of which with restricted levels of liability and a decentralized decision-making hierarchy allows for abuses of human rights to take place internationally, by having doubt standards.

Basically, the Rolex fest would be the number one agenda for Uganda tourism but barbarically, Tourism is asleep as well. Waiting for the monies from the multinationals. If a rolex is a local food invented by the Basoga, why don’t these multinationals respect the fact? Why are the Basoga not included in the celebrations for purposes of legacy and appreciation? Why is Maro not on the list of performers for the Kampala Rolex Festival? What was the criteria used to get Maro off the performers list?  I need answers on this!

Maro has nurtured the festival from scratch, he has a loyal fan base, he invested a lot and never got a penny out of it. Is scrapping him off the performers list the best reward that Kampala Rolex Fest organizers and sponsors could give him now? I don’t think that will commensurate with the MNCs objectives of growth and development of locals. I reckon that having Maro as one of the performers would be of preponderancy especially when it comes harmonising a bigger audience for the festival. We have seen events vanish because of wrong decisions taken by sponsors just to suit their ambitions.

The festival is not about what the sponsors want, it is about what fans and clients want because a bigger turn up informs what the sponsors and organizers jump out with. Let’s give credit where it deserves and also uphold the local talent. We all need to work together, because there are no jobs on a dead planet; there is no equity without rights to decent work and social protection, no social justice without a shift in governance and ambition, and, ultimately, no peace for the peoples of the world without the guarantees of sustainability.
With due respect, the fact should also capsize into the abstract the people can actually boycott what they don’t and the bandwagon effect is never an issue to ridicule, whilst it may lead to demise.

Uganda, a scorched earth for Ugandans.

So MTN loses 700,000 of its subscribers. Mobile money venders reveal they have lost about 30% of their clients. Maize prices collapse from some 700 per kilogram to 200 per kilogram. And the government’s solution is this; get physical 100 billion shillings and inject in maize business so we can raise up the prices again!

And when I say that the modern capitalist form of business is in a mess, some don’t still get it! But wait! Time is coming when the modern day concept of growth cannot be sustained anymore and we shall all face the doom’s day. Do you know why it can’t be forever? Because the economy eats on itself.

Meanwhile, Stanbic bank reveals that it has scored a lot of profits already in this mid year 2018 and thus commits billions of shillings to more lending! I think most of us think that the bank loves us when it calls us back to come and top up our loans!

Anyway, can a serious entrepreneur or economist come and tell us how all this happened and how 100 billions is gonna solve maize prices problems without drowning any other person or sector?

Good day


Thoughts By: Akamps Nicholas

A political Telescope: Is Besigye fighting Kyagulanyi?

There should be no denying that there is a smouldering conflict between Col Kizza Besigye and Kyadondo East MP, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.
This conflict has found battleground in the numbers game – the crowds that either man can attract to his projects. Certainly, there is power in numbers.
Crowds legitimate a campaign or signal to its uselessness. The ultimate strength of a politician is not judged by the ingenuity of his ideas, but the crowds they can pull. The numbers-game actually explains the persistence of rather awful practices such as bussing crowds or renting them.
For years, Col Dr Kizza Besigye’s ability to attract crowds – real or counterfeit, as has come to be alleged more recently – towards his activism has sustained his hue as a politician and activist.
For his charisma and bravery, Besigye has been a darling for many anti-Museveni Ugandans. He embodied that single most-sought-after aspiration of ending the regime of President Museveni.
But after the 2016 election, this lustre started waning. An ugly patch started becoming more visible as more people started seeing him as a selfish careerist of sorts.
At a theoretical level, activism involves mobilising political communities, which are often wound around particular projects. Political communities dissolve at the conclusion of their projects.
Unfortunate for Dr Besigye, the project of ending the reign of President Museveni seems to have been afflicted by a disease that causes stunting.
Close to 20 years is a long time. The evolution of Bobi Wine from singer to politician has certainly dented Besigye’s monopoly further. Crowds seem more animated by the young lyrical activist than the old gruff-voiced haggler. Perhaps the most graphic showing of this conflict happened in Bugiri.
Bugiri municipality is geographically a small constituency. On the highway, it is about four miles from one end to the other – the distance from my Makerere University office to Parliament avenue.
During the just-concluded parliamentary election, candidates often traversed it in one drive with marches reverberating throughout the entire constituency.
As a chronicler, who is also friends with Asuman Basalirwa, I was there for a selfish project of mine when a JEEMA-Bobi Wine drive crossed paths with an FDC drive. You should have been there.
In his trademark Land Cruiser, Besigye was driving towards the venue—alongside the highway—where his party rally had been organised.
Advancing from the opposite direction was a JEEMA march. Like a powerful wind sweeping through the desert, they raised a thick smoke of dust in their wake, gaily dancing to Gisu traditional drums as they advanced. Huge, raucous and joyous, the crowd only attracted more followers. It was such a festive sight.
On his part, Besigye must have been overwhelmed by the numbers advancing. With about a hundred people following his vehicle, the ‘people’s president’ had to clear the way for what seemed like a hurricane. His driver – I suppose on his instructions – had to drive off the highway to avoid being embarrassingly stampeded.
Candidate Asuman Basalirwa and Bobi Wine had been seated inside their vehicle when they learned that advancing in the opposite direction was their nemesis, Dr Besigye.
Animated, they shot through the open-roof and started waving to their crowds. Upon reaching the venue where Besigye was scheduled to speak, like a bushfire in the Harmattan, the duo figuratively burned down the venue.
Supposedly FDC/Besigye supporters in the park could not stand the temptation that JEEMA-Bobi Wine was. It took a while for the FDC activists to remobilise a sizeable crowd for their rally to proceed.
They went bonkers that night. I can only imagine the pain that went through Besigye’s mind as his crowds were being swayed away by a political newbie.
My argument is this: without realising it, we seem to be bidding farewell to Col Besigye as the leading opposition figure. For choosing to be a carbon foil for Mr Museveni, Besigye is being reminded that carbons are phasing out.
The project that animated Besigye’s politics for years seems to have been too big for him to deliver on. Thus, there has appeared a power vacuum in Uganda’s opposition politics, and the gods seem to favour Bobi Wine – the unlikely pugilist by most estimates.
The author is a PhD fellow at Makerere Institute of Social Research.